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Howdy everyone! It's been a few months since my last collection update on pkmncollectors, and now side collections have finally been decided upon! I did some weeding of the less-loved items from my prior update, which will probably be up for sale sometime after the new year! It's also the end of the school semester here, and since I'll be away from college, I won't get a chance to take pictures of any gets for the next month ^_^ and I received my holy grail...s! :D More later!

My main collection is Kabuto and Kabutops, though I indulge in side collections like everyone else haha I have Muk/Grimer, Lugia and Legendary Birds, the Hoenn Weather trio, and a kinda accidental collection of "Manly Legendaries" - Deoxys, Dialga, Giratina, and Darkrai! And a few random pieces of other cool pokemon I got because they were in lots I bought or were extremely cheap that it'd be a crime not to get them!

Below cuts are extremely image heavy D:

Side Collection gets!Collapse )
Kabutops Collection Update!Collapse )
Holy Grail Gets!Collapse )

Lastly, a quick question - I had recently found and bought these two shitajiki off of ebay:

I only wanted the Kabutops one, so I was wondering as to the rarity of the Seel/Dratini one, and whether anyone would be interested in it ^_^ Oh, and speaking of inquiring about interest, looky what I got off Y!J!

These metal figures'll mostly be up for sale/auction after the New Year ^_^

Thanks for reading!

Kabutops Wants!

So after starting with a single Kabutops tomy, I now have a somewhat extensive (and admittedly expensive) Kabutops collection! But, of course, every collection can always be expanded! If anyone has any of the things below, let me know! :D Here's what I'm currently on the lookout for!

Kabutops wants
(if any of these pictures are yours and you want them out, let me know!)

Cut for specifics!Collapse )
Thanks for reading! :D




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